I was born and raised on the islands of Hawaii, and while growing up, my mother would take me with her to travel all around Southeast Asia where I learned to respect and value the cultures and experiences at a young age. I believe these early experiences were instrumental in becoming the person I am today.

Always believing in the importance of education and the possibilities it opens up, I earned my BS and MS in Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University. My graduate studies focused on usability testing and the user experience through graphics in serious games. Outside of school in the Midwest, I took advantage of my new location and explored the country from coast to coast, even up to the arctic circle and documented my travels through photography.

Currently, I am in Florida working as the Creative Manager of Visit St. Pete/Clearwater. I enjoy pushing the boundaries through my work which include TV commercials and billboards to photography and special video projects.

It is through travel and collecting experiences that I find invaluable for progressing and staying inspired in my work. Live Aloha and travel often.