Time-Lapses, Morocco and a New Business


It sure has been a while, I have been pretty busy making a time lapse video for VSPC, the local tourism for Pinellas County. I am pretty proud of how the video came out, as a lot of hard work and patience came together nicely in a final product. I will post this video later tonight after the official release event this afternoon.

In about a month, I will be traveling to Morocco, which I am very excited about. I will be sure to update this as the travels progress. I will also be spending New Year's Eve in London, so if anyone is around, shoot me an email and lets meet up!

I am also happy to announce that my friend and I have started a company, Blackshoes Productions. From now on, This website will slowly transition into my personal website, and not so much business. You can visit our new website, www.blackshoespro.com, and if you ever need some graphics, you know who to contact.

Stay stoked. Live Aloha!