Glacier hiking - Iceland

After waking up from what seemed like a dream (see 27.02.14 post), we departed Hofn and  turned around and headed back the way we came along the southern coast. The early morning light gently touched the road side mountains, providing a different view we had from the night before. We had to stop at Jökulsárlón again to see the icebergs at sunrise. We got there just as the sun began to cast out brilliant oranges and yellows on the glacial lagoon. Mesmerizing.

We really wanted to see ice caves, but didn't realize the only way to see them was with a guide, who was booked through out April. Luckily I had booked a glacier hike instead. We made our way to Skaftafell National Park and met up with our wonderful and friendly guide, Atli. He outfitted the group with a waist harness and crampons, packed inside of his van and headed to Svínafellsjökull, telling jokes and stories along the way.

After our quick safety lesson, Atli took us on a hike, explaining to us the workings of the glacier. The glacier ice was a light translucent blue, frosty in some places, mainly where the sun shines. Hypnotizing electric blues glowed through the cracks and crevasses. We hiked for 2 hours, exploring and climbing, while finding any excuse to use our ice axe. We saw no ice caves, but this experience was great, and comes highly recommended.