The Bucket List

I adore all my ambitions and personal goals and I believe everyone should set and try to achieve them, but I don’t believe life is about this ludicrous idea of ‘manifesting your dreams at some weekend workshop in Orlando’ or crossing out ‘skydiving’ and ‘taking Spanish classes’ off of some carefully written Bucket List. Who is keeping track if you cross ‘travel to Bali’ off your list? The few people on social media that actually care about your travels? Furthermore, I don’t know anyone’s life that adheres to an organized, day to day ‘to do list’— life is meant to be messy, capricious. My favorite experiences are the ones that can't be planned.

My philosophy is to make all of my life a living poem. This can't be accomplished purely by completing things on a list. I believe life is about finding ways to make life’s everyday activities beautiful, fun, inspiring to not only yourself, but others as well. We all must go to the DMV, to the doctors and the grocery store. If I can’t find a way to turn my ordinary life’s list into the extraordinary then I am simply existing, checking things off my list. Why would a ‘Bucket List’ be any different? All lists are meaningless if I am merely trying to finish the list. And on a somber note, when you complete your Bucket List —well, the game is over.

Tear up your bucket list and simply just go an do it. As with any list, it is human nature to put things off and procrastinate. Don't let your bucket list dictate your day to day, year to year explorations. Stop making excuses and live life.