Travel Advisory: Rissani, Morocco

A picture has surfaced of Mohammed and I arguing in Rissani. If you haven't read the post about what happened, please read, It all started with a guitar. It is a story of a very insistent and desperate man and the situation he put us in. It also includes how compassionate other travelers are.

In any case, here is that picture.

It is about 645am in this picture, as you can see me in the blue down jacket, talking to Mohammed, in the black Jacket and Khaki's. There is his silver 4x4 SUV, attempting to block in the blue caravan. You can see the Germans next to it, watching to see what happens. On the far right is Gwen, looking down and avoiding the situation. You can almost feel the hostility coming out of Ryan's pose, standing in between Gwen and I. This is all taking place about 100m away from his cafe, which is just down the road.

If you or anyone you know is traveling through Rissani, be very cautious of this man. His name is Mohammed and claims to work for the Panorama Cafe on the corner, near where the Grand Taxi's are located. It is also a good idea to have a camel trek booked in advance, and be sure you have a ride to Merzouga if you are going there. He will offer 10 Euro a person (Grand taxis will be cheaper) Just steer clear of all his advances, thank him and leave. He will undoubtedly approach you if you get off the bus there.

Just be a smart traveler. Now, go out and explore!