Foggy Lima

Foggy. If there is one word to describe Lima, it is foggy. We stepped out of the airport to a plesantly cool breeze, a far departure from typical Florida temperatures. Judging from the street level noise, we knew we would have a fun ride to the hostel.

Taxis zooming in and out of the non existant lanes, with bigger busses attempting the same moves. The traffic in Lima is pure lunacy, but it some how works. One turn lane somehow allows 4 busses to turn at once, and in different directions. The smaller combis and taxis fill the void between them, completing the chaotic river of traffic. Rush hour is madness, but once it does down, a different side of Lima emerges.

The last traveler in our group, Matt, arrived a little later than expected. As soon as he arrived (and being iced at the front desk) we filled up our flasks and went to the shoreline park for night views on the neighborhood of Miraflores. We probably should have explored one block further, not knowing it was central Miraflores, oh well, next time I suppose.

Dirty. The next word to describe Lima is dirty. While some of the architecture is gorgeous, it is covered in dark grime, darkening the bright colors of the walls. The funk of never ending traffic takes in toll deep in the city, coupled with the constant foggy gloom, you have Lima.

Lima is missing its unique charm and identity. I dont know what i was expecting but I never got one the same vibe level of Lima. Perhaps when we return, again to the heart of Miraflores, we can explore more and re-discover Lima.

Onward to Huaraz and Cordillera Blanca!


I will try update as much as possible, or just write a lot when i get home. Squarespace needs to make a offline app.