Other Cover Features

In the previous post I mentioned other covers I shoot and designed. Here are two more covers I worked on.

Below is the cover I designed for Gulf to Bay Magazine, after working for VSPC for just 3 weeks. I did the color grading, editing and compositing of the background photo. I also designed the cover lines on the right. The original image had all sorts of gear branding, so i edited them out. The kite was also way off the cut lines so I shopped it in closer as well. The actual image actually has the kite boarder going to the left, so I flipped him around, added some color and tweaked the water.

Then a few months later, I did a photo shoot with local star, Ethan Low, an 18-year old race car driver from Clearwater. He literally got out of high school classes and went to the beach to do a shoot. We ended up at Clearwater beach for sunset and took some shots. Since I did it for VSPC's PR front, these were for the media. Little did I know that this photo was featured on the cover of My Clearwater, which is a local publication that the city outputs 3 times a year. This was the cover for the summer edition of 2015.