New Gulf to Bay Magazine cover

For the second year in a row, I have had the privilege of designing the cover for our annual publication, Gulf to Bay magazine. Now in its 4th issue, it is our showpiece full of useful information about the area. Best places to eat, things to do, sights to experience, everything can be found in the magazine. I also got a change to do a handful of ads and layouts in the magazine itself. Pick yourself a copy today, or get one for free off of our website,

Here is the first run of the cover.

On the day we release files to the printer, TripAdvisor released its rankings for best beaches, and Clearwater beach got #1, so we changed the last set of cover lines to reflect the award. 300k of the above was printed, and 300k of the below ere printed. 

Other Cover Features

In the previous post I mentioned other covers I shoot and designed. Here are two more covers I worked on.

Below is the cover I designed for Gulf to Bay Magazine, after working for VSPC for just 3 weeks. I did the color grading, editing and compositing of the background photo. I also designed the cover lines on the right. The original image had all sorts of gear branding, so i edited them out. The kite was also way off the cut lines so I shopped it in closer as well. The actual image actually has the kite boarder going to the left, so I flipped him around, added some color and tweaked the water.

Then a few months later, I did a photo shoot with local star, Ethan Low, an 18-year old race car driver from Clearwater. He literally got out of high school classes and went to the beach to do a shoot. We ended up at Clearwater beach for sunset and took some shots. Since I did it for VSPC's PR front, these were for the media. Little did I know that this photo was featured on the cover of My Clearwater, which is a local publication that the city outputs 3 times a year. This was the cover for the summer edition of 2015.

Cover of Cruising Outpost

Despite not loving up to my own New Year Resolution (have you?) i was just informed that my photo made the cover of Cruising Outpost Magazine. I took the photo while out in the BVI back in 2013, so I am pretty excited that it is getting some love. That makes my 2nd photo on the cover of a real publication, and my 3 cover that I worked on. 

Speaking of covers, I just completed a design for our new destination magazine for St. Pete/Clearwater. I can't post it yet — we are releasing it March 20. Stay tuned!


This isn't the final, that will come very soon.


Well, call in a victory of some manner but I somehow completed 30 revolutions around our sun, healthy and loving life. A milestone for many, but just another day for me, I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes, from coworkers to friends and family. I love you all.

I hope the next few years will be full of fun travel and photography, of which I am returning to Hawaii in August and exploring Chiliean Patagonia come late this year. Join the Fun!

P.s. I am going to try write 1 blog a week. That was my New year's resolution. 

New Year: New Look

Instead of this New Year, New Me non sense, I've gone ahead and overhauled my website as well as changing the template. I will use this primarily for posting pictures of my travels instead of a portfolio. I will be creating a portfolio based webpage for that in the future since it as blown up since joining VSPC. Enjoy the new look and Happy New Year!