27.02.14 - Part 1

Thursday, February 27, 2014, started off like any other day of the trip. Cool, fresh morning air greeted us as we stepped out of our apartment. We had plans to make the trip to Höfn on the other side of the island and stay the night there. Rumors had been circling among the locals that the northern lights were going to happen that night. With that being main reason why we went to Iceland, I was nervous that we weren't going to see them on that side of the island. With butterflies in my stomach, we got an early start to the day and headed out before sunrise.

We drove for a couple hours, admiring the solitary houses and farms that dot the landscape. The sun was rising in front of us, just over the mountains, casting a golden haze on the landscape. The skies remained clear, which the locals say, was a treat for February. Our first major stop was Seljalandsfoss. Visible from the main road, you can't really grasp the grandeur of it until you approach it and feel the mist on your face. You are able to hike behind it, even when its covered in ice. Seljalandsfoss, the definition of beauty.

After climbing around the area for an hour, we decided to head to the next destination, Skógafoss. The best thing about having a personal rental car, and not part of a tour, is being able to stop and stretch you legs and explore on foot at your will. On our way to Skógafoss, we spotted a herd of wild horses. Naturally, I pulled over.

It was still before noon, and already we had climbed several waterfalls, hung out with wild Icelandic horses, and the weather was perfect. Onward to Skógafoss. Impressive and towering, the allure of Skógafoss draws your attention from the main road. We were able to get right to the foot of it, as well as on top. Truly magnificent.