Reykjavik - Iceland, Feb 2014

Clean fresh air, bright colors, simple and happy. Reykjavik is one of the cleanest, safest, happiest cities in the world. For an island country with a population of 300,000, where most live in the city, Reykjavik has a surprising amount of art, culture, and charming local shops. I was taken aback by the amount of graffiti, and loved all of it. We spent most of our time wandering around the city in constant awe. Quiet on the week nights and a different animal on the weekends, Reykjavik is full of many surprises.

We got there on a Tuesday night, and with no chance of seeing the Aurora borealis, we went out on the town. We met some locals who invited us back to an after party.  The locals are  engaging and pleasant and all they want to do is show you a good time.

Truly a small town with a big city feel, I fell in love with Reykjavik instantly. We spent all but one night there. It felt like a second home, warm and cozy, like we've been there before. We were out on the country side most of the day, but for the mean time, this is Reykjavik...